Art as Therapy

2003 – 2013

Art as therapy

Project Art as Therapy is based on idea how to revalue 20th century art works and place them into a new context. In this case as therapeutically remedy which wants to draw the art near to the spectator in a form of physical and psychical help for self therapy. Selected works are reconstructed and equipped with directions for use, as in classical medicines. So this new constructed art works are remedy for mitigation diversity medical problems as are sleeplessness, spinal column pain, and all kinds of injuries…

Therapeutically remedies are equipped with art function, this way is easier to communicate with spectators in a gallery and involve them into direct physical and psychical relation. This strategy helps to overstep the distance often present in contemporary artworks comprehension. In public can be often heard reproach that cotemporary art is useless or insignificant for the life of average person. Project Art as Therapy wants to prove the opposite effect.

Health is important value for every individual. Dealing with health art shows it’s social care and stress out, that art is not only self-intentional but also wants to communicate with spectators. To whom it wants to offer an alternative look to the health (therapy), life and art.